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Past Highlights:

Guy Mintus:


Dear Jazz Family,

Thursday night was special !

Guy Mintus who amazed us last year did again.

We are grateful to many who made this evening possible —

The Toledo Museum of Art — GlasSalon at the Glass Pavilion!

The CASTLE PIANO was an added Wow!

Scott Boberg, Manager of Programs and Audience Engagement.

The special guest artists —

Nick Muska, David Bixler, Semira Warrick and Madeline Rick


Guy has dreamed about meeting and performing with Jon.

Jon is 93 – Guy is 23!

Brad Berger extraordinary photographer who introduced Guy to Toledo a year ago.

And YOU who make it possible by your attendance!

Watch your email — Guy gave MASTER CLASSES FRIDAY

We will share photos with you soon.

PS we received a message on FB “The Piano got out of JAIL!”

Guy commented. “The Piano was very Happy”



Tonight has been an extra-ordinary night on all possible ends. My special guests has been absolutely splendid, brought so much to the stage, the artwork piano, the beautiful all-glass building, the energy from the audience, the colorful aut

umn Toledo trees… But above all, I will be forever grateful that I have had the honor of sharing the stage with a master and a legend such as the great Jon Hendricks. A true innovator and creator of this music. His level of energy and livelihood at 93 are something I wish to anyone and everyone. I am so touched by his magic and treasure every second I was lucky to experience. Thanks so much to Jon & Judith Hendricks, to Kay Elliott, to the Toledo Museum of Art and to the Lord in heaven.


On my way to the Detroit Airport reflecting on the beautiful time spent in Toledo. This trip has really exceeded beyond any expectations I could possibly have and I’m as thankful as can be for such experience. Below is a review of my concert with some nice pictures, courtesy of David Yonke.







Jazz pianist Guy Mintus performed at the Toledo Museum of Art’s GlasSalon last night (Thursday, Oct. 30) in a concert presented by the Art Tatum Jazz Heritage Society.

The Israeli-born virtuoso played with grace and enthusiasm, obviously inspired by the remarkable setting in a glass pavilion, the one-of-a-kind Wendell Castle Steinway grand piano at his touch, and an opportunity to collaborate and improvise with Toledo jazz legend Jon Hendricks.

The first half of the concert featured Mintus performing as a solo artist, displaying a masterful command of the keyboard along with an infectious sense of adventure and delight. After his opening piece, a fluid and pensive ballad, he announced that the piece was “Prelude … which I composed just now.” He said everybody in the room contributed to the composition as it reflected the mood of the audience.

Other solo pieces included a Mediterranean Medley, harking back to the influence of his homeland, the stride piano of “Sweet Georgia Brown,” and a flowery, cascading version of “Someday My Prince Will Come.”

Along with Mintus’ immense talent as a solo artist, he is also a true jazzman in the sense that he thrives on improvisation and collaboration. The second half of the evening featured Mintus with an array of local artists in various media. 

He accompanied a poetry reading by Nick Muska, who read five “Open Road” poems by Toledoan Joel Lippman; backed the ballet improvisations of Semira Warrick and Madeline Rick, and joined tenor saxophonist David Bixler for a duet.

Then global jazz star Jon Hendricks, full of joy and energy at age 93, joined Mintus for a half hour of jazz and blues. Mintus’ joy was obvious and Hendricks scatted, danced and jived in the way only he can manage.

The stellar, one-of-a-kind concert ended with a grand finale featuring all participants in a wonderful blues-based whirlwind of jazz, poetry and dance.

View article and photos on David’s web site:




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